CAGPO-ACMOO is the only organization of its kind in Canada.
CAGPO-ACMOO offers members:
  • Reduced registration to the largest educational event in Canada for GPOs-the CAGPO Annual Conference;
  • Access to the CAGPO Training Scholarships-$4500.00 per week to support your training needs in cancer care;
  • Free online subscription to Current Oncology;
  • Access to our national database of GPO contracts and benefits;
  • Access to the GPO Training Program-an online problem-based self-directed learning program;
  • Representation at the level of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, on the Cancer Care Committee;
  • The camaraderie and advocacy of a growing professional group of physicians in the delivery of cancer care in Canada.

Unify General Practitioners in Oncology.

Rassembler les omnipraticiens en oncologie.

. . . . .

Promote communication among General Practitioners in Oncology
in tertiary care and primary care settings.

Favoriser la communication entre les omnipraticiens en oncologie dans les milieux de soins tertiaires et de soins primaires.

. . . . .

Act and speak as the recognized authority on behalf of and for the benefit of 
General Practitioners in Oncology and their interests.

Agir et parler en tant qu’autorité reconnue au nom,
et au bénéfice, des omnipraticiens en oncologie et de leurs intérêts.

. . . . .

Promote the role of General Practitioners in Oncology within Cancer Centers and within the primary care setting. Support and encourage the development of educational opportunities for
Family Physicians / General Practitioners wishing to obtain additional training in oncology.

Promouvoir le rôle des omnipraticiens en oncologie dans les centres de traitement
du cancer et dans les milieux de soins primaires.
 Appuyer et encourager le développement de possibilités éducatives pour les médecins de famille et les omnipraticiens qui désirent obtenir
une formation additionnelle en oncologie.

CAGPO Bylaws - Règlements de l'ACMOO